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A Lawyer’s Travel Service Providing Peace of Mind

Every law firm is challenged with time constraints. We know lawyers are working long hours with little time to spare outside of their client work. Understandably, lawyers must focus on their clients’ best interests, which means preparing for cases as thoroughly as possible, which unfortunately means there’s little time for anything else – especially when it comes to travel.

There’s not much time left to book flights, find a hotel, or make other plans with so much on your plate. This is where a travel agency exclusively for lawyers comes in. Travel plans should be the last item on a lawyer’s to-do list, which is where Travel for Lawyers steps in to relieve the stress and burden. We’re a white-glove travel agency based in California, partnering with law firms nationwide, aiming to ease the burden of travel management.

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Personalized Service

24/7 concierge-level support

No Contracts 

No Booking Fees or Administrative Fees

Travel Upgrades

Enjoy the Perks of a VIP without additional cost

Improve your bottom line

On average, save 12% in the first 14 months

Where else can you save $100K this fiscal year off the bottom line?

Improving Lawyer’s Travel: Embrace an Easier Plan

For law firms managing multiple attorneys’ travel schedules, it can be challenging to keep track of flights, hotels, and other accommodations. Not only do we ease the stress of planning and managing travel, we offer options to make it more affordable, with the ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.

Cut $100K off the Bottom Line

Not only is it our goal to make travel planning as easy and affordable as possible for law firms, we also don’t force you to commit to anything. When you partner with Travel for Lawyers, All of our tailored services come at no contracts, booking fees, or administrative fees., so you won’t be stuck paying for a service that you don’t end up using. 

We also ensure our personalized service with 24/7 phone support should any issues arise with travel plans. And finally, partnering with us means that you receive everything you might need, including:

  • Travel policy compliance
  • Automated reporting
  • An easy-to-use booking platform
  • Seamless month-end reconciliation option
  • Pre-negotiated discounted hotels and Airfares for Non-Billable Travel
  • Complimentary Travel upgrades
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Why choose Us?

As a premier Travel Agency for law firms. we spare no time or perks working to provide the smoothest travel experience possible. From cutting down cost, to upgrade, to personalized service, we ensure that you’re not alone throughout your travels. 

Reduce Your Firm’s Spending

On Average, Law firm have saved 12% on their Non-billable travel expenses in the first 14 months.

No Need to Sign – Zero Contracts or Booking Fees

All our Tailored services come a no contracts, booking fees, or administrative fees

Receive Discounts, Upgrades and Perks

Enjoy complimentary upgrades offers on us and get discounted airfares and hotel rates. In addition,  we also offer a Bill me later option for  mid to large- sized  law firms. 

We’re Here for you –  Personalized

With a 24/7 support policy, our concierge-level service promises personal assistance with any travel-related need.

Complete Travel Solution for Law Firms & Lawyers. Discover how you can save today